About RED Ballroom

The RED Ballroom was a multi-functional conference and concert hall located within the ICD House of Arts & Culture » in the heart of Berlin on Genthinerstr 20, between the two main centers of City-West and Mitte. It used to house the headquarters and studios of „Fernsehen aus Berlin„ (FAB) TV station and FAB Medienhaus.

The RED Ballroom had a capacity of 357 m2 and seat up to 500 people. The Ballroom  had standing space for 800 people. The unique design of the RED Ballroom made it perfect for larger entertainment events such as gala events, concerts, musicals, theatre & cabaret performances, TV productions and film screenings.

The RED Ballroom included a professional sound system, Soundcraft Si Performer, and light system.

The stage size was 8x9 m and consists of two moving parts that can be raised up to one meter above the level of the floor; the stage is curtained on all sides.

The backstage area was located in the basement underneath the RED Ballroom and was connected with a wide elevator, which gave the ballroom a significant advantage.